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A message from our principal

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Principal's Welcome

Esteemed Students, Staff, Parents, and Guardians:

Welcome back to the 2018-19 school year! It is an incredible honor to have been chosen to be your new principal and I am thrilled to be jumping into this vital role. I believe that my primary purpose as principal is to listen to all members of the community, build partnerships with each and every one of you, and enact your vision of what our school needs to be. I know you have already established a vibrant learning environment with many amazing programs, so my number one goal is to support and strengthen the fabulous work that has already been done. Our dedicated staff have everything moving in the right direction, and my vision is to continue that momentum by bringing everyone together on the decisions that will best suit the needs of our diverse community.

Our school's Innovative Plan has been extended for a fourth year giving us additional opportunities to fulfill the goals of the plan. Everyone Achieving through Global Learning and Environmental Stewardship (EAGLES) goes beyond teaching multiculturalism and conservation. It also calls for social emotional learning that supports the whole child as well as personalized and differentiated learning in every classroom. I know our staff and families have done incredible work to address these complex goals and I feel a great sense of motivation to see how much more we can all achieve together.  

This coming year will be a time for reflection, open dialogue, and celebration of many new partnerships. Ultimately, I want every family to feel great about being a part of our school and to trust in our community for all your child's educational needs.  

My warmest regards to you all,


Kevin Baker


Principal's message
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