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Donations, Volunteers and Grants

Wanted: Garden Volunteers

Our Garden Coordinator Suzanne Carter always needs a helping hand.


You can help by:

* maintain the garden (front or back)

* support your child's class to enjoy an indoor or outdoor garden lesson (see slide show - making bee houses)

* take care of the equipment

* come by to water the plants on the weekends

* weed and mulch


Please contact us - we have everything you need and it is easy!

Are you this person? Please contact Nicole Backhaus for further details.

Garden Wishlist

Here are things that would be helpful to run the School Garden:

* sturdy table

* solar cooker 

Coffee grounds and vegetable compost

Empty half-gallon containers (like apple juice jugs)

* Any veggie seed donations

Growing Healthy Students

We need volunteers to establish the Harvest of the Month program in the classrooms.

Read more about our commitment.

Harvest of the Month is comprised of four key monthly elements: Educator Newsletters, Family Newsletters, Menu Slicks and Press Release Templates. In addition, Harvest of the Month posters may be ordered. For more information on each element, please refer to the Monthly Elements section. 

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