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School Site Council (SSC)

Love Elementary's SSC

SSC Meetings

These meetings are open to the public. Feel free to come learn about how this group helps set priorities and plans for our school. 2020-21 schedule will be posted in Fall.

School Site Council (SSC) represents parents, students, community members, and school staff in the school governance process.

The SSC has a number of important responsibilities, including:

  • Annually facilitate the revision/update of the school goals, improvement strategies and planned expenditures which are outlined in the Single School Plan for Student Achievement (SSPSA).
  • Ensure the school goals and improvement strategies are measurable and based on an analysis of verifiable state and local data.
  • Ensure the goals, improvement strategies, and proposed expenditures are legally compliant and support the district’s goals and LEA (Local Educational Agency) plan.
  • Seek input from all advisory committees.
  • Review and/or recommend the updated Single School Plan to the local governing board for their approval. SSCs have decision-making purview over restricted funding - Title I.
  • Monitor the implementation of the approved School Plan, making modifications as necessary.
  • Measure the effectiveness of the improvement strategies and expenditures.
  • Maintain documentation of all SSC actions and activities for three years.

The California Education Code requires schools which receive state and Federal funding to establish a School Site Council (SSC). The major responsibilities of the SSC include the development of a Single Plan for Student Achievement, propose expenditures, and evaluate the results.

This council offers an excellent opportunity for parents, community members and site personnel to work together and plan for student achievement.

Our council meets monthly to discuss the on-going needs of our school and to monitor our expenditures.

updated Dec. 9, 2019